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Around the Institute
The Changing Face of ITT Dublin
For those of you who have left the Institute, it may have changed since you were roaming these hallowed corridors. This of course depends on how long ago you left (If you still call it 'the RTC' chances are this could be a good while ago!) and depending on how long ago this was, there may have been many changes or perhaps not that many if you left recently. So you can catch up with some of the stuff that's been happening recently, here's a few photos to keep you in the loop. Maybe it's just a paint-job, or maybe it's more but ITT Dublin is constantly changing and adapting to the requirements of our students and staff and you can view some of them here. Keep scrolling down to view.
Around the Institute
 New Entrance (completed September 2008)    Inside the new entrance
 New Bank of Ireland (at the top of the          New canteen furniture (November 2007)
 steps in the main foyer)
 Main Corridor                                               Library Furniture
  New Self-Service kiosks                                Part-Tiime (Life Long Learning) Office
 (installed cMay 2007)                                   (Located where the old shop used to be)
  New Shop (installed early-2007)                     Main Foyer
  Located at the end of main corridor
New pitch - beside Belgard Rd, completed        Wind Turbine - Collaborative Engineering Project
in late 2008.                                                 completed in late 2008.
  Reception Area                                            New External Signage
    New Signage                                               Daytime
The Synergy Centre (Business Incubation Centre) 
The Synergy Centre was completed in November 2006, a sign of ITT Dublin's continued emphasis on it's role in assisting students and graduates alike in contributing to Ireland's much talked about Knowledge Economy. It was built to the rear, right hand side of the Institute beside the old handball alley. You can read much more about here See some photos below
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