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The Dunnes Conundrum!
Introducing The Dunnes Conundrum!
We are extremely grateful to Dunnes for sponsoring this competition and making this possible.
This is a question/brainteaser for Graduates Association members and friends that we run every so often. All who enter and submit the correct answer will be in the hat to win a Dunnes Stores Voucher. Some weeks it may not be a quiz question, it could be for a poem, a joke or a holiday photo, who knows...the most important thing is we need you to take part so don't be shy.
All our members and Facebook members will be notified with a web-link to each conundrum and you will also be able to get the web-link on this page so keep an eye out.
Dunnes Stores are one of Ireland's best known and long-established retailers and we appreciate their participation in this competition and welcome the chance to bring some more customers through their doors during challenging times for Irish business.

See below for the most recent Conundrums, answers and winners:
Dunnes Conundrum No 7 (Christmas Conundrum)
This is a toughie, so I hope you have your thinking caps on.
There's a certain rotund gentleman that sweeps over the rooftops in a sleigh on Christmas Eve, delivering presents to the well-behaved children of Ireland. The question is, w
hat is his second name???
(a) O'Flaherty
(b) Cowen
(c) Claus
(d) Ponza
Answer:   (c) Claus
Winner:    Emma Kennedy
Dunnes Conundrum No 6
In our Youtube section (link on homepage), there's a video about Feel Good Day 2009. At 56 seconds, what happens?

a) A sumo wrestling match
b) A penalty kick
c) A long puck
d) Bouncy boxing
Answer:  A penalty kick
Winner:   Keith O'Connor

Dunnes Conundrum No 5
In our most recent IT Tallaght Graduates Magazine (available for download on this website), there is an article about our strategic alliance with Nanjing University of Technology (NJUT) in China. The question was: What year was NJUT established?
Answer:               2001
Winner:                David Saville

Dunnes Conundrum No 4
We were looking for a Limerick about ITT Dublin. The winner was Jennifer Ball who came up with the fine Limerick below!:
ITT Dublin is state of the Art
And it’s not too far from the Dart (sorry Luas)
Some call it a hub
Not far to go if you’re a Dub
When you graduate the only way is SUAS!
Dunnes Conundrum No 3
What is the possible power output (in units) per annum of our new campus wind turbine? (think news bulletins...)
Answer:       52,560 units per annum
Winner:        Alan McManus
Dunnes Conundrum No 2
Question:   Granny and Trolls
You're on your way to visit your Granny, who lives down the country. It's her birthday, and you want to give her the cakes you've kindly made.
Between your house and hers, you must cross 7 bridges, and unfortunately, there is a troll under every bridge! Each troll at each bridge, insists that you pay a troll toll. So before you can cross their bridge, you have to give them half of the cakes you are carrying, but as they are generous trolls, they each give you back a single cake.
How many cakes do you have to leave with to make sure that you arrive at your Granny's with exactly 2 cakes?
Answer:     2
Winner:      Onray Brainard
First ever Dunnes Conundrum! - August 2009
Question:   On our website there is a page about our 'Have Drinks On Us' reunion idea.
How many people are required to have a 'Drinks On Us' evening?
Answer:     25
Winner:      Brian Duff
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