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Have drinks on us - & tell us when you want them!

OK so we've tried a few events now and they've been relatively successful and definitely worth putting on but we're going to experiment with another idea. With funds tight, bigger events are difficult to put on so rather than us holding an event and telling you when and where you have to be we want YOU to tell us when you want it.

How does it work?
Because money will go much further, ‘Drinks On Us' will be here at the Institute, in the new staff canteen. It will be on a weekday evening of your choice from approx 6.30pm until 9pm (you may have to finish up slightly earlier on a Friday due to the Institute closing) and with free wine, beverages, snacks and music (request tunes in advance) or you could also do it on a Saturday afternoon if that's what you prefer. Get your Friday/Saturday started here, have a stroll around and see what's changed and then head off to enjoy whatever else you have planned.
How do you get involved?
There needs to be 25 people to attend for this to go ahead so if you're interested we need you to contact your Institute mates to come along and make it happen. If you mention the word ‘FREE' it may help! As soon as you get confirmations, contact us at and suggest a date and as long as we have the numbers and the day is suitable the event can go ahead. Don't forget these 25 people don't have to be all from your group – they're may be other groups and we can combine to make up the 25 so don't worry if you're short. Kids and friends are very welcome. If it doesn't happen the first time you try we'll contact you again if other people get in touch so we can suggest a date to combine groups.
Why are we doing this?

It's always a challenge to hold an event that will attract enough people to make it enjoyable for those who attend. We don't have the funds that other bigger colleges have and we don't have the graduate numbers to make it easy to hold events that will guarantee a good attendance. This way, it seems like a win win for everyone – if there's demand for the event, it can go ahead, if there's no demand, there's no event and we don't waste money on something that falls flat on its face. We'll see how it goes for a while. Needless to say we'd love to hear from you so get in touch!

Please feel free to email your comments and ideas to regarding this and events in general.


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